Verdejo White Gold


brand: valeriano Verdejo 2015 White Gold
designation of origin: wines of castilla y león
grape variety: 100% Verdejo
age of the vines: 30 to 100 years
production: 18,000 bottles.

VISUAL ANALYSIS: Pale yellow, clean with clear glitter.

ANALYSIS SCENTS: Its aromatic leaves nose hints of ripe fruit and sweet at dawn.

FEELINGS IN MOUTH: It is an extension of that full and fresh fruit, balanced with a sweet end.

MARRIAGE: Care for a variety of dishes: fresh cheeses or soft pasta, appetizers, sushi. Consume 14º y 16º C.


Alcohol content 12,50 % vol
Total acidity 4,90 g/l
Volatile acidity 0,30 g/l
Reducing sugars +/- 1,50 g/l
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